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UkraineNDU Approves Revised Version of the Depositary Activity Regulation2 Sep 2014
Morocco, SerbiaDTT between Serbia and Morocco - Update2 Sep 2014
Czech RepublicTIEA between Monaco and Czech Republic2 Sep 2014
PalestinePEX Offers Bond Trading for the First Time2 Sep 2014
ZimbabwePlan to Establish CSD - Update 2 Sep 2014
UkraineAmendments to the General Trade Agreement of PFTS2 Sep 2014

A definitive source for tracking risk exposures to local market settlement and custody infrastructures.

Tracking and monitoring over 100 markets and 147 Central Securities Depositories (CSDs), MarketsSelect provides up-to-date risk ratings, analysis and surveillance on domestic securities market rules, regulations, systems and practices and CSDs in a concise format, using consistent terminology.

MarketsSelect aims to assist everyone involved in the trading, clearing, and settlement of securities. Information on the site is currently presented in three areas: